The Grand Comics Database.  This site combines the efforts of numerous comics enthusiasts in indexing hundreds of thousands of issues.  If you are looking for a particular comic or illustrator, this is the place to come.

Diamond Comics is the largest comics and graphic novel distributor in the United States.  Their website includes a wealth of information, including a number of library-oriented articles as well as core lists for different age groups.  Reviews, bestsellers, and release schedules are also highlighted.


Comics Bulletin offers news, features, interviews, and daily reviews for comics and graphic novels.

Comic Book Resources is a site with news, columns, and reviews, as well as community forums for discussion.

Library Journal’s feed for graphic novel features and blog posts.

No Flying No Tights is a graphic novel review site specifically with teens in mind.

Collection Development

Graphic Novels:  Resources for Teachers and Librarians by the University of Buffalo Libraries.  This website breaks down graphic novels for libraries, with an emphasis on collection management issues and publishers.  Be sure to check out their extensive “Internet Resources” page.

ALA:  Get Graphic at Your Library.  In 2002, ALA highlighted graphic novels for Teen Reading Week; this website includes information on collection development as well as general information on graphic novels.


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is an organization that offers support for the freedom of expression in comics.  They provide legal assistance for individuals and institutions.

Graphic Novels in Libraries (GNLIB-L) is a very active Yahoo group discussion list with over 750 members.  Here, librarians and industry professionals can share resources and discuss issues in the field.


Great Graphic Novels for Teens.  Since 2007, YALSA has compiled a list of recommended graphic novel titles.  All lists and bibliographic information can be found here.

Library Journal also picks a list of top graphic novels each year.  At the bottom of this article find links to previous years.

Wikipedia has a list of Award-winning graphic novels.  Many of the books listed have entire articles devoted to them, for further exploration.

Graphic Books Best Sellers.  Each week, the Arts Beat section of the New York Times provides commentary on these lists of best-sellers in three categories:  hardcover, softcover, and manga.

Resource Portals

These sites contain links to valuable resources, many of which are already listed here.

YALSA‘s collection of graphic novel-related links and print materials.

Graphic Novel Resources by Di Laycock.

Internet Resources from Graphic Novels:  Resources for Teachers and Librarians by the University of Buffalo Libraries.  This page neatly categorizes a multitude of library-related resources on the web.


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